Monday, April 16, 2012

FrostWire Review – Should You Install FrostWire On Your Computer?

If you have been wondering whether FrostWire would be a good addition to your computer or not, take a look through this FrostWire Review for an honest opinion of the program. With all the reviews available out there, it’s hard to filter through all of the information to decide whether you should install FrostWire or not.

Why FrostWire?

Right now FrostWire is the leader in peer-to-peer open source applications and is becoming more popular every day. Thousands upon thousands of people use it to increase their upload speed in order to bring music and movie files home to their computer.

FrostWire can be best compared to the LimeWire application. They both have the same type of interface and both have been written in Java, which supports multiple platforms. The problem with LimeWire, however, is they have had to introduce some code into their program due to copyright issues and this might eventually affect the material that can be downloaded by end-users. In other words, LimeWire may become a thing of the past while FrostWire continues to operate. FrostWire is not limited to the same copyright laws since it is not US-based.

There have been a lot of FrostWire Review testimonials from people the world over and the results are in. Most people absolutely love this platform and will continue using the program for many years to come. It is the fastest and easiest way to upload and download files.


Here are some of the main features of the FrostWire program.

    * Super fast download speeds.
    * 100% compatible with iTunes.
    * Completely safe to download.
    * Supports Internet radio.
    * Skins are new and improved.

One of the only drawbacks that needs to be mentioned in this FrostWire Review is that you will be asked to install the ASK toolbar before installing the program. The solution to this is to uncheck the box when you are asked to install the toolbar and it will not be added to your computer.

Final verdict

FrostWire is a safe and effective application for anyone that uses their computer to watch movies or listen to music. Quite frankly, it is hard to understand how anyone that uses their computer for these purposes could get along without it. This FrostWire Review highly recommends installing the program to find out for yourself why so many others are using it on a daily basis.

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